Screw compactors

LOCATELLI EUROCONTAINERS with its line of roll on/off MSC Mobile Screw Compactors offers one of the most effective systems to compact bulky and cumbersome materials including packaging waste and cardboard. (SCS – PAPER)
With its dual action, the system shreds and prepares the material at the compacting stage that takes place in the feed hopper.

The “non-stop” loading option allows a continuous cycle of the machine with very high production yields.

The SCS – WOOD Version designed for the WOOD sector is the ideal solution for treating waste such as:

Branches, residue from pruning, wooden pallets, fruit boxes, bulky items and in general disposable containers which are crushed and subsequently compacted without any difficulty.
The large auger can be fitted with special crushing tools that are specific for particularly “difficult” materials.
The particular geometry of the loading hopper ensures correct feeding to the auger.

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