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Logistics is not a contemporary science; it is very established and increasingly the competitiveness of a company depends on careful analysis of its management. Transportation in particular plays an important role.
The Roll on/off, Rapid, Flexible and Economical system is perfect for intermodal transportation which is evidenced by the rapid and continuous development of this technology.

LOCATELLI EUROCONTAINERS, very attentive to the needs of its customers, combines the consolidated production of roll on/off systems, the processing and fitting of Industrial and Commercial Vehicles with body works for roll on/off systems with “turnkey” formulas.
Of course, the quality of the fittings made takes its origin from a selection of important and well known Industrial Partners, combined with the desire to produce increasingly technologically advanced fittings, incorporating a range of experience.
We offer a wide range and as such we are able to meet any type of need, starting from 40 kN (4,000 KG) up to 400 kN (40,000 KG) as lifting capacity with boxes/containers that are over 6 m in length.